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Xiangyun Lim (Alexa)

Xiangyun has several years of experience in editorial, content marketing and project management. Her past clients include Uniqlo, Twitter, Real Estate EVIA and People’s Association (Singapore), with projects that focus on connecting brands to audiences through the human element. She has also translated for Asian Film Archive and China Film Archive, and writes for High Net Worth

As a literary translator, Xiangyun has a particular interest in works from the Chinese diaspora and issues of identity in/and displacement. Her works can be found in Living in Babel (Canopy, 2017), The Creative Literary Studio, Poem (forthcoming Spring 2018) and Alluvium. She is a current recipient of the inaugural Singapore Apprenticeship in Literary Translation (SALT), and holds a MA Literary Translation programme at University of East Anglia under an International Excellence Scholarship.

Having grown up in Singapore, Xiangyun has lived in Seattle, Barcelona and Taiwan. She has also travelled widely to different parts of the globe, and is always drawn to learning and interactions between cultures. She keeps an intermittent online journal, but is more regular in updating the books, films and podcasts she encounters.

A select portfolio can be seen on this website or here. She is always on the look out for social initiatives and campaigns.

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  1. Alejandra says

    Congrats great work, really proud of the curious and gentle free spirit girl of Singapor!

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