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Listen to the world

I do believe that there is an understanding between humans and the world. After millenniums of evolution and existence, we will have learnt a little. We are but the flowers of a tree, softly glowing bright whilst the tree supports quietly from behind, a blanket of dull green to contrast our various colours so that we can shine. And when we wither and fall, they will remain. The leaves fall too, when the tree shakes off the the dust brought from afar by the wind, listening to the stories of other trees and quietly thinking as Nature sleeps, and arising in a new plume of green to accompany the sun. (Why are seasons seen as circular, when they can very well run in a straight line? What forces time to loop circular instead of linear?)

This understanding is young, and old wisdom can only be found running through our veins, in the structure of our bones. We have to listen. It is only upon quietening our conscious that we can hear our unconscious, and that is important. It is the cosmos in chaos, the harmony between self and the world, the meaning of all. The well-known analogy of our conscious being the tip of an iceberg is an apropos comparison, for not only does our conscious stem from the hidden unconscious, but what happens at the conscious level only builds up the unconscious.

When we listen, observe, not talk, and make sense of our surroundings, it is communication of the unconscious with the world through our conscious. Before we forgot how to switch off our thoughts, the minutes between sleep and awakefulness left us with a strange, longing keenness to listen to the world a little longer. Sometimes as our mind wanders freely, without the need to respond to external stimulus, we can be guided by our unconscious a little easier.

It is music for me that speaks directly to my heart, although I am unsure yet whether this is mutual or exclusive with the unconscious. The complexity of this relationship is something I am too inexperienced to understand yet. It seems to be that the both can not be separate, for how else can listening to your heart feel so right, despite attempts to prove it wrong? I will willingly be guided by my heart. I have to learn to listen. Without it, I will be lost.


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