Everyday, Muse
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Patience in itself requires exercises in many aspects: acceptance, awareness, alertness – understanding, seeing, listening, internalising. This goes for personal self and in work (as the other aspect of self). It’s a steep learning curve, and the tendency to veer towards rashness in the name of raw emotions and intentions is a hard one to overcome. Yet like a bear out of hibernation, a bear who knows the beauty inherent in nature, contact with other beings necessitate the consideration of differences, contact in belief for fulfilling things.

This patience sits on the bed of acceptance from understanding, which is different from blind acceptance, because the awareness to shifts and developments still remains. So I tread with caution, silently note and remember (sensing how things are today, how they were yesterday and a few days ago, and how they could be and had been), and get on with things.

Things that develop slowly usually are more rewarding.


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