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23 nov: sigur ros

enter your own world
eyes shut
let the alcohol claw gently at your brain
all the chatter and bubbling anticipation become peripheral,

the entirety of the weight, the
tone of anticipation, the
light ominous
we are all excited, fuelling the

the lights pinpoint silhoettes
three violinist, three wind instruments, a pianist, a drummer, two guitarists, one the singer
we dont want to understand
the keening sounds of heartstrings
emotions that cant be worded
the fear of needing to leave, impending loss by choice, the pain of loving, struggle of choice – to be happy
like dolphins gliding through deep blue depths
we are flying on the planes of sigur ros, of jonsi, of victory rose, of hopelandic,
through orange, gleaming clouds, and then,
pouring rain


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