Manifesto (2013)

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Love yourself:

Your body is a temple.

Fill it with fresh food. Drink a lot. Stretch. Breathe. Walk. Pee when you need to.

Your mind is yourself.

Rest and reflect. Take things slow. Write a lot. Read a lot. Listen. Use your senses. Fill it with things that will enrich you, fill you with knowledge, let you learn.

Love others:

Treat them with respect. Listen, and answer to them, to let them know you have heard them. Be open to everyone.

Share what you know, and in turn, receive what others give to you.

Love the world:

Use your senses. Don’t ignore the sunshine and the sunsets. Savour the flowers and fresh product. Save and recycle when you can.

Make the world around you beautiful. Rebuild old furniture. Decorate your room. Paint your bare wardrobe with flowers on its knobs. Put flowers on the dining room. Plant flowers and herbs on your windowsill. Heck, even cactuses.


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