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of our space

D1010029 - Version 2
                                                                               Singapore, 2012  (Delta 400)

the space between us is
thirty-eight centimetres.
this pregnant vastness
is inflating like enthusiastic balloons
tugging at their strings,
crowding cheerfully into our minds,
waving flags at the
parade of our hearts
we stare at each other but not look,
we are near bursting.
neither can think of
anything but

the space between us is
twenty years.
the upturn of your nose grew from smelling her hair,
your gait from walking her home.
my photos have burnt silhouettes
from the extinguished fire of his kisses.
when we hold hands, the air in between
cradles the musty thickness of our
very first hand fitting,
when our veins sighed themselves
into a spring forest.
now it is an acid that rusts
our breaths

the space between us is
the ocean blue only deepens
in our search for an edge,
without the gravity of a heart beat
we float soundlessly in a milky way
words if not spoken
desires if not shown
sound if not heard,
do not,
will not,

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