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Portraits of: Barcelona

BCN13_3_031 - Version 2

Jesi has been moving around the world for the past two years. She had been a chef for eight months on a ship for a French family which docked on the shores of Barcelona, and here she is for now, till her next calling.

Originally from New Zealand, she moved to Australia upon graduation with a group of friends, working in a cafe for over two years. According to her, it is utterly normal to pack your bags and leave for elsewhere – she only found a job upon reaching Melbourne! It’s no surprise then that she’d like to have her own cafe doubling up as an art gallery sometime in the future.


Jesi Beaton

And your dream?
To never be restricted in what I do, to never be alone, to always be happy, to always be free

The best thing that has happened to you?
I left home alone and went travelling – Amazing experience!

One thing you would like to change? (It can be about anything)
the world! haha Too many corrupt people, we are destroying our own planet.
And that my friends from NZ+Aus lived here! I miss them!

One thing you don’t want to change? (It can be about anything)
My friends – the most amazing people in the world!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
I have no idea! And that’s what I love!

Favorite things about Barcelona?
the people, the sun, the life, the culture, so many things

Things you don’t really like about Barcelona?
the thieves, and soooo many tourists.


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