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Portraits of: Barcelona

Portraits of: Barcelona

Alexandra was my first portrait subject. I caught her as she was taking a short smoke break in between a hectic day at work. It was pretty ironic that a rolled cigarrette accompanied her pondering over the questions (read her answers below). She also replied to the thank you with a really sweet well wishing.

Alexandra_Eng_BW copy


And your dream?
My dream is to be happy with what I do every day, no matter what it is.

The best thing that has happened to you?
I did an internship in Malta [a] few years ago and it opened my mind.

One thing you would like to change? (It can be about anything)
Quit smoking!

One thing you don’t want to change? (It can be about anything)
I want to keep trying to have fun and smile every single day.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
I really have no idea 🙂

Favorite things about Barcelona?
The sun, the buildings, the mix of people, the chances it offers

Things you don’t really like about Barcelona?
the dirt and the pollution.

Thank you very much!
You’re welcome. Good luck in your life, projects and dreams!


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