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Portraits of: Barcelona

BCN13_9_035                                                                       Barcelona, 2013 (Fuji Neopan 400)

Noemi was sitting at a tiny flight of steps round a corner in Barri Gòtic, playing a ukelele and singing. It was her last day working and staying at the heart of the city, and she would be returning to her hometown about 30-40km away the next day. Her ideal life would be to be a volunteer, singing and writing poetry while helping those in need.

Her voice was keening and sweet, and made me think of lovebirds that sweep the horizon as I stare out the window, or the feeling of leaving a place you can’t bear to leave to another place you can’t bear to be apart from.

Noemi_Spanish copy


And your dream?
I would love to work doing the hobbies I like, so I can feel free

The best thing that has happened to you?
Born / Travel to Asia

One thing you would like to change? (It can be about anything)
I would like that people would be more expressive in love and appreciate the humanistic sides more than the materialistic things

One thing you don’t want to change? (It can be about anything)
My mother, I would like to have her always near.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
I see myself abroad, working

Favorite things about Barcelona?
Gothic district, the beach so close and people so different and the art in the street.

Things you don’t really like about Barcelona?
Too many people and the pollution.


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