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Portraits of: Barcelona

BCN13_7_027                                                                       Barcelona, 2013 (Fuji Neopan 400)

Alejandra was brought up in Chile but has been living in Barcelona for the past 10 years. She speaks a thousand miles a minute, translating much of the Spanish language and quirks into English, but always listens to what others say. She taught me things that were simple yet profound – for example, whilst many of us may naturally shun touters on streets, she never ignores them because to her, they are human beings who deserve the basic form of respect; an acknowledgement of their existence by telling them “no, thank you” no matter what they were trying to sell/do.

I hope this picture captures the fire of her spirit, a fire to enjoy life to the fullest and be true to herself…and love.



And your dream?
To be happy and try not to hurt anyone

The best thing that has happened to you?

One thing you would like to change? (It can be about anything)
That everyone did what they wanted (with respect) and no judgements.

One thing you don’t want to change? (It can be about anything)
Healthy food.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
Working to be happy with nice people around.

Favorite things about Barcelona?
Diversity, culture

Things you don’t really like about Barcelona?
Drunk tourist that don’t respect the city


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