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Portraits of: Barcelona

BCN13_7_030                                                                       Barcelona, 2013 (Fuji Neopan 400)

I was at the beach with Mhairi one day, and immigrants regularly passed by with cans of beers and prepared icy mojitos for sale under the blazing sky. She told me about how these beer cans would be hidden in drains and unhygienic areas pre-sale. Yet after we watched a lounging English man attempt but fail to get a beer as he didn’t have small change, Mhairi only wanted to run after the immigrant with smaller notes so he could have sufficient change to make a sale.

Throughout the short time I knew Mhairi, her kindness and generosity towards everyone, including total strangers, shone through her small quiet acts. Honestly, Mhairi made me feel pretty ashamed of myself.  I thought of the times that as a teenager always gave away whatever I had in my wallet to the people on the streets selling ‘charity tickets’ – until I found out that the business of it can be dubious and not necessarily totally for charity. Still, it’s no excuse that now I do not even stop to listen to them or even shun them as I walk. Do you do the same now?

Faith, trust, belief, why should these qualities be shaved away when we grow up? Even a genuine smile can make someone’s day.



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