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Greatest strength:

Greatest weakness:


Dreaming seems to be a natural state of being that I veer towards when my conscious mind quiets. Like a cat near dangling toys, or tree branches slanting towards light. In school, even when I wasn’t reading a book (I thought was) hidden beneath my table, I’d be paying serious attention to what was being taught but catch myself moments later thinking of completely unrelated things. Something new learned would lead to a thought, then another, and another, till my mind found itself in another place. As if it had forgotten about the map and just walked towards the corners that seemed most intriguing. Head in the clouds, some said. No wonder I tripped over my own feet every other day.

These days, daydreams seem scheduled, kept to the times when the practical side of me isn’t bossily ordering my thoughts and actions about. Nighttime is when it runs most wild, tentatively at first, and then rolling in charged waves like a hyperactive child fed sugar and thrown into a bouncy castle playground. Usually, I start reining it in once it reaches a certain time or speed so that I can sleep, but some days I let it run. Just as feelings are, repressing them has yet prove to be of good. But I have to tame these thoughts, work with them (for so many brilliant ideas come when you let them) to keep myself inspired and optimistic, yet realistic—and to force rest upon them too, so to last longer and go further. Just like eating and sleeping. Essential, but with their own place in time.

Yet here’s a dream that has taken root and shaded itself over a long time, mostly in the spaces that come after a special experience—spaces that only dreams seem to fill: the feeling of loss and returning home upon finishing a good book; leaving a particularly beautiful yoga studio space; watching the shimmering of light filtering through tiny leaves…

Here’s a dream that doesn’t fade. A dream that a little tiny voice is growing, to say: “One day.” Here’s a dream that the lessons I learn every day will help me towards, a dream that has no deadline, for it’s not an achievement to unlock but an answer to a question I never asked. A moment when I will just know: it’s time.

Here’s a dream:

To build a space
where one finds a home away from home
abundant sunlight, abundant books, abundant foliage
the smell of dried eucalyptus, records playing
communal and private corners
furniture with stories in their being, a carpet that cast a spell on me on some land
dried bouquets and plants and accessories in flux–
just like every traveller who see enough value here to spend their time, taking a little of this place with them, and perhaps leaving a part of them behind.

the coffee may not be fantastic, but it is good
good for rain, good for sadness, good for love
good with soul food and desserts at the whimsy of tweedlebakes
this is the first floor. the second:
a studio space for workshops and classes, for
art, language, yoga, crafts
all ages, all kinds, all here always to learn.
an outdoor space, full of lessons from the greatest teacher: Mother Nature
teaching us patience, love, kindness, peace
maybe one day the herbs can flavour our food and flowers to adorn the space
(to be continued)

(images still forming in my head…so many interior inspirations, but–another day! if you have any, please share them below!)

Screenshot 2015-11-29 23.43.53

Images from: @lucdesign, @jonong, @cloisteredaway




    • Hi Wy-Lene, indeed I am. Though Myers-Briggs personality types are at most a spectrum and a reference, it seems like I’m quite an extremity and hasn’t changed since a decade ago.

      How about yourself? Are INFPs the only dreamers for you to think that?

  1. Wy-Lene says

    I figured based on your writing, you had to be one. I am an INFP too, and I am very intrigued by people’s Myer-Briggs personality types.

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