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Translation Zone(s): Constellations Hong Kong

Earlier this July I was invited to be part of Translation Zone(s): Constellations Hong Kong, an exhibition curated by Dr Heather Connelly as part of her transdisciplinary research into art-and-translation. The exhibition was part of the International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS) 6th International conference that ran from 3 to 6 July at Hong Kong Baptist University.

This is an excerpt from her description of the exhibition (the full one can be found on her website linked above):

Translation Zone(s): Constellations Hong Kong provides physical and hospitable environment for artists and translators to engage in a critical dialogue about the potential of future international transdisciplinary research between artists and translators, and how contemporary arts practice can play a pivotal role within the research process. The exhibition includes work from established and emerging artists, curators, writers and researchers Bill Aitchison (UK/CN), Emma Cocker and Clare Thornton (UK), Heather Connelly (UK), Johanna Hällsten (SE/UK), Saskia Holmkvist (SE/NO), Rebecca Johnson (UK), Xiangyun Lim (SG), Marianna Maruyama (NL), Manuela Perteghella (IT/UK) and Ricarda Vidal (DE/UK), Annie Xu (CN/UK) and Solomon Yu, Jimmy Chan and Eddie Cheung (HK) and provides space for artists contributing to the panel to present their practice as objects, performances and documentation of events. Conference delegates are invited to encounter, experience and respond to works’ as opposed to relying upon a mediated (linguistic/written) account of the work through the voice of another.


Digital photographs by Valerie Ho; 7th & 9th film scans shot on Contax T2 on Fuji 400.

The exhibition has kindly been supported by the University of Lincoln (UK), IATIS, Hong Kong Baptist University and the Academy of Visual Arts.


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