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For A Golden Home


A social campaign to raise awareness and funds for our elderly living alone in one-room flats via crowdsourced projects. In the two months it went live, the campaign raised $61,122.93, galvanised 50 pledged projects by corporates and individuals, executed social media and video marketing campaigns, and garnered publicity via national newspapers, broadcast, and media influencers.

The campaign was conceptualised with a few goals:

  1. To help this community by raising $25,000 for non-profit housing organisation Habitat for Humanity’s Project HomeWorks
  2. To raise awareness about the living conditions of these elderly people, the majority of whom are physically or mentally handicapped, and living alone in terrible conditions
  3. Empower and inspire everyday individuals in taking action according to their capacity to make a difference

Watch the video here.

Ambitious? I was told so.

Especially when the team was just myself and ad-hoc help with art direction and web programming. The rest of it — from campaign planning to UX design, copy writing to media outreach, social media marketing to events planning and sponsorship — it would be all myself. On top of a full time job being a PR / Editor at interior design journal Cromly.

But I wanted to highlight an issue that, while salient, was not given much attention to (the video is some evidence of that). And I wanted to provide a platform that encouraged the individual to take action in their own way, no matter what they do and the output.

And they did.

Some events that gathered pledgers together included a yoga fundraising day at The Yoga Co, a bake sale, and a special product launch x coffee pop-up.

Website design & UX

One-pager scroll with 5 UX-sections. Below are 2 examples:



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