Senior Digital Copywriter at PayPal APAC
Published: High Net Worth, SilverKris Magazine, AsiaOne.Com, Cromly, CityNomads
Commissioned: Twitter, Uniqlo, Asian Film Archive, Prime Minister Office, FARM, Kantar Consulting
Literary Translation: Poem (Taylor & Francis), Literary Shanghai, Lian He Zao Bao, Living in Babel (Canopy);
Exhibition, IATIS International Conference 2018 | Translation Zone (Hong Kong)

Singapore National Translation Committee | Ambassador

Digital Editorial & Content. Hooked to drawing out the human element. Believes in breadth for depth. A geek for topics from business and entrepreneurship, literature and economics, psychology and science — and especially disciplinaries and synergies between differences. Always on the lookout to learn, listen, and do good work.
Contact |  LinkedIn 

1 Comment

  1. Alejandra says

    Congrats great work, really proud of the curious and gentle free spirit girl of Singapor!

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