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Update 2 Oct: 
Here I am, in University of East Anglia, enrolled in the MA Literary Translation. More on this soon!


The /now page is inspired by Rebecca, one of the most compassionate souls I’ve had the luck to meet/know. It’s basically where I keep track of non-commercial projects, some personal, some social.

2016 for me was a year divided into thirds: I wanted to take the first third to focus on commercial projects, the second for literary and social projects, and the last—well, fingers crossed that I’ll be on my way to pursue literary translation.


This year’s projects so far includes:

  • Venturing into graphic novels with NLB
  • Working with SAMH, 50forFifty, Lepark!, Getai Electronica, Empyreal, and more under CTRLSHIFT (note: website is WIP) to tackle mental health stigma

Goals for 2016

IN 2015, 
I finally learned to channel the guilt at many things (mostly stupid things like purely existing on this earth) towards motivation to make my time here meaningful. It was a year in which I decided to prioritise my health, both physically and mentally. This meant certain sacrifices, which I’m thankful that loved ones have given nothing but support. It has also been—and still is—an ongoing challenge to share more, rather than let the fear of being vulnerable close myself off from human connection.

I also organised For A Golden Home, which raised over $61,000 for Habitat for Humanity, quit a full-time job that offered stability but stagnation, left a relationship, and found many kindred and amazing souls. I also attended a Translator’s Lab, which would be the impetus for me to look into further steps in literary translation.

This year, besides the constant challenge to learn and be thoughtful, there are a few reminders:

  • Read, write, watch, repeat!
  • Move to write weekly on this website in addition to mini-reflections on Instagram (I have a horrible backlog to get through!)
  • Learn to sit with discomfort instead of immediately looking for solutions or ways to make things better
  • Run a 10k: did the Green Corridor Run on 6 March
  • Review previous projects and film photographs
  • Keep the inspiration going
  • It’s strange, but I feel that a big change is afoot. It is time to pursue a couple of years overseas.