Xiangyun edits, writes, and translates content for a wide variety of platforms, markets and channels. She has produced copy for brands like Twitter and Uniqlo, interviewed profiles for High Net Worth, done streetscaping as part of  qualitative research for Kantar Consulting, and translated for Asian Film Archive. She currently sits in PayPal APAC as part of the content team for 13 markets.

A select portfolio can be seen on this website or on LinkedIn. 

As a literary translator, Xiangyun has a particular interest in works from the Chinese diaspora and issues of identity in/and displacement. Her works can be found in Living in Babel (Canopy, 2017), The Creative Literary Studio, Poem (Autumn 18), Literary Shanghai, and Alluvium.

Having grown up in Singapore, Xiangyun has lived in Seattle, Barcelona, Taiwan and Norwich, UK. She has also travelled widely to different parts of the globe with a keen interest in learning about cultures, business, entrepreneurship, literature, data, even science. She keeps an intermittent online journal, but is more regular in updating the books, films and podcasts she encounters.