Select Works

Current: In-house content production and localisation across 13 markets at PayPal APAC.
For literary translation, head here.



Cultural Streetscaper | Kantar Consulting
Business Case Studies |
Twitter (12)
Editing, Content, Copy & People Features | Uniqlo
Interview, Profile |
 Baey Yam KengJanice Koh; Pocket Sun; Honor Harger | High Net Worth
Editor, Writer, Content Production | FARM (5: Food, Design, Wellness, Community, Transport + 72-pager print)
Website Design & Content, Social Media Marketing, PR (Campaign) | WhyBeTowkayTan

Translation (Commercial)

Film subtitles & Transcribing | Asian Film Archive x China Film Archive
Internal Corporate Research | 
Mutant Communications
Marketing copy (with editing), B2B Print Content | Twitter
Feature Article for New Immigrants | FTR/Interlexis


Corporate Identity, Copywriting | Kat Asia
Corporate Profile, Corporate Brochures, Case Studies, Copywriting | People’s Association 
Exhibition Design, Content Management, Copywriting | Singapore Day (2014)
Interviews, Case Studies | Eastern Health Alliance
Website Design and Copy, Press Kit, Social Media Marketing | For A Golden Home

Social Campaigns

For A Golden Home is a campaign to raise both awareness and funds for our elderly living alone in one-room flats via Habitat for Humanity Singapore, while empowering and crowdsourcing projects. I conceptualised, organised, wrote proposals, website and marketing copy, worked with a designer and programmer for the website and blog, did media press relations, project managed, created a video, held events, and other nitty-gritties of carrying the campaign out. Without the help and support of so many who came together, this would not have happened.

During the live period of two months, the campaign raised $61,122.93, gathered 50 pledgers such as The Yoga Co, The Paper Bunny and duostudio, created a video, and garnered various media mentions on The Straits Times, ChannelNewsAsia, and Lian He Zao Bao. 

You can also check out our community on Instagram at #ForAGoldenHome.

I will also be joining 50for50 as a changemaker in their second phase, for Singapore Association of Mental Health. Do check back for updates!

Spatial Design | Photography

Cromly | The Working Capitol
Redefining traditional notions isn’t an easy task, but it’s what this sleek new hybrid coworking space is here to do.
Cromly | Democratising Design
library@orchard aims to bring new meaning to the word “design”―one that is accessible, communal and essential.
Cromly | Playground of an Office
Spotify is all for the literal meaning of “Play Everywhere”.

Home Tours and Interviews | Photography

Cromly | Cellini’s Legacy
Cellini was named for a lesson that survived centuries: a moment of serendipity with an artist’s masterpiece that challenged the beliefs of a metallurgist.
Cromly | The Collector of Stories
There is senseless hoarding, and there is the careful collection of memories via physical memorabilia.
Cromly | Kaye and Justin
Kaye and Justin are travel aficionados that bring the magic of travelling right into their home.


RØMP Magazine | Hawker Fare
As significant as they are in our heritage as a symbol of our diversity and disapora, hawker stalls mostly run on the toils of older generations. Yet even these elders may prefer their children to seek more well-perceived livelihoods despite the importance of lineage in a hawker dish’s authenticity. [pg 10-15]
Cromly | Traditional Bookbinding in The Modern World
Amidst the growing buzz of our local handmade movement, older craftsmen mostly stay out of the spotlight, choosing to quietly continue their work with the skills that have veined their limbs with age. Bynd Artisan brings traditional bookbinding and leather making to life through their own artisans and a century of shared experiences and knowledge.
Cromly | Our Homes of Our Past
An SG50 initiative exploring how Singaporean homes have evolved in the past decades. Read them here and here.

Arts and Culture | Lifestyle | Travel

City Nomads | Barcelona
RØMP Magazine | Japan
City Nomads | MONSTER CAT
City Nomads | Ilo Ilo
Challenge Online | Dinner Conversation Guide
Cromly | Preschool Spaces Redefined
Cromly | Guide: Differences between IDs, Contractors and Design-and-Builds
City Nomads | Social Food Enterprises
City Nomads | Artistry Cafe

Creative Direction |  Production | Design

Video Production | Poppy Flora x Cromly
Infographic Design and Copy | Cromly
Art Direction | Cromly DIY

Contact me
for creative projects, editing and writing commissions, as well as social campaigning work.



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